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When you need a tried-and-true fence for your property, explore the options that chain link fence offers in Savannah, Georgia. At Veterans Fence Company, we provide experienced fence installation that will protect your home and business and create the long lasting solution you need.

When you choose chain link fencing for your space, you'll be thrilled with the outcome and benefits it provides. Economical and practical, your chain link fence can give you the answer you need for all kinds of purposes no matter what the reason. Speak to our professionals about the best design for your specific situation.

Chain Link Fence - Savannah Georgia

Chain Link Fence Options

Chain link fences come in multiple options for property owners across the Savannah, Georgia area.

Galvanized Chain Link Fencing in Savannah, Georgia

Traditional Galvanized
Chain Link Fencing

The standard in chain link fencing, this option is a popular choice for protecting what matters most to you. Cost-effective and secure, traditional galvanized fencing is coated in a protective zinc layer that provides many years of maintenance-free safety, all while being very economical.

PVC Coated Chain Link Fencing options for Savannah Georgia

PVC Coated
Chain Link Fencing

For a step above standard steel, PVC coated chain link fencing adds an extra layer of protection with a plastic, rubberized material in color options that gives your fence additional stability and longer life. PVC coated steel is also a different look that can be more attractive in a variety of settings at home or your business.

Privacy slats for Chain Link Fencing in Savannah Georgia

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fences can come in privacy styles as well when you add colored slats to the steel links. This feature is an exciting way to still be able to use this economical and traditional type of fencing while adding a bonus to the benefits. The colored slats not only help create a more private space for your Savannah, Georgia yard, but look great doing it!

Key Benefits of Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fences are known for their many benefits. Read more below.

Chain Link Fencing Benefits for Savannah, Georgia - Economical

Chain link fencing is one of the most affordable fencing solutions. Although they offer a few elements to adapt them to each person's preference, they are more about utility than decoration. With the simple design of chain link mesh along with the matching metal posts, chain link fencing is also an easier type to install, helping to keep the cost lower. Although adding privacy slats can dramatically increase the overall cost, they generally end up being less expensive than aluminum, vinyl, and some types of wood.

Chain Link Fencing Benefits for Savannah, Georgia - Versatile

Chain link fencing is constructed of galvanized steel that has been coated to improve the metal structure's protection and longevity. It may be used in both residential and commercial settings across Georgia. The metal mesh produces a sturdy barrier that is difficult to pierce or break. It becomes considerably stronger when coated and then covered in colored PVC, and it will resist rust and corrosion for many years.

Chain Link Fencing Benefits for Savannah, Georgia - Durable

Chain link fencing is one of the most traditional types of fencing that has been around a very long time and is applicable in both residential and commercial settings all across the world. While not as customizable as some types, it can be adjusted for height and grade of the steel used. The practicality of chain link fences is an often desired benefit.

Chain Link Fencing Benefits for Savannah, Georgia - Variety of Options

One of the great things about chain link fencing is its durability and length of life. Though it may depend on the circumstance, chain link fences across Georgia can last well past the life of your needs and when it does need a repair, it's quick and relatively inexpensive.

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When you have any questions about fencing solutions in the Savannah, Georgia area, we are your answer! With over 20+ years of construction experience, our fence professionals are here to walk you through the process of designing and installing your perfect fence in the Savannah and surrounding areas.

Chain Link Fence FAQs

Get "The whole nine yards" on chain link fencing.

chain link fence faqs

Chain link fences are great options for Georgia properties. Chain link is a strong, durable material that is low maintenance, too. It can come in a variety of styles, sizes and heights and even different levels of grade strengths. Many people prefer chain link fences for their dog yards, pool yards and any kind of yard space that needs security and protection.

The best way to learn about the styles of chain link fencing we have available is to read about them on our chain link webpage or give our friendly fence experts a call to discuss your chain link fencing questions and needs.

To answer this question, you need to know the rules for your specific property's municipality. Every town and region has different rules about permitting and regulations for installing a fence. We can help! Call our office and speak to one of our fence pros. They can help you find out exactly what's needed and discuss turn around times in the area of Georgia you live in.

Most of our chain link fences are manufactured by Master Halco and are crafted in a wide range of grades that can meet your residential or commercial needs.

Our chain link fence manufacturer offers a variety of warranties based on type and style of fence, so be sure to check the exact terms when you decide which fence is right for you. We also offer a 1 year labor warranty on all of our chain link fencing installations.

Chain link fencing is a very low-maintenance type of fence. When you have a chain link fence installed, you practically do not need to do anything to it to keep it looking great. The galvanized coating will protect your fence and keep it standing strong for many years. For extra longevity, choose our PVC coated fences. The PVC coating adds an extra layer of durability, which prevents rust and is more visually pleasing. If it does become dirty, you can always hose it down with water, but otherwise, there's no need for extra care.